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n3rds's Journal

It's hip to be square
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Info Update: December 22nd 2003.

this is kinda creepy. lot's of n3rds gathering. but, i'm enthused!

so here's the deallll...

this community is for all sorts of nerdiness [not just anime or math related]. if you're unconventional and a little off you're just as welcome as those of us who join just because they can make a post using the word "teh" 30+ times and not get shit for it.

We're not going to define what is or who is a nerd, because you know what? nerds are chill like that.

that's right nerds like peace. they're pacifists.
or not...

Meanwhile everyone is welcome and should feel free to post anything nerd-related.
for instance

» nerdy fanfics
» confessions of nerdiness
» nerdy recommendations for alternatives to hipness
» share nerdy icons/banners
» share nerdy fangirl/fanboy related information
» share nerdy links/countdowns
» ponder your nerdiness
» recommend nerdy music
» brag about nerdy accomplishments
» be excited about being a major nerd (IE. waiting in line overnight for the opening of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, etc)



1. Don't be a jerk to someone who you think is too n3rdy or not n3rdy enough. There isn't such a thing here. People can be as uberly n3rdy as they like and about anything they like. If what they say is "uncool" all the better. And don't make posts being a l337 nerd who thinks everyone else is cliche. it's bad news bares.

2. This isn't a rule but it'd be cool if you make an intoductory post. let us know what makes you a nerd, why you joined, who's hotter Spok or Papa Smurf...


On a final note, first posts are always moderated by erikairate to avoid people who join to spam and leave. Everyone is welcome, and will be given full posting abilities as long as he/she is total square, void of any fashion sense, or taste in anything. yay!