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Name: Heather
Age: 17
I am uber-nerdy because: i am a complete computer nerd, PSP studio is my best friend, and i am in love with an iMac G4 <3 instead of being one of the cool kids who go to football games for fun, i am the kid who brings the cannon and films it and sells the highlight tapes at the end of the season to take money from the jocks and cheerwhores. I really like techno music and super nintendo is the supreme game station. i use html more than any other normal person, sometimes i find myself writing html on paper. >_< I am in TSA and am competing in Chattanooga or somewhere like that this year and i have to make a 5 minute film, which i cant really find a good idea for just yet. i watch TechTV alot *blushes* and when im not watching that i either watch cartoon network or the independent film channel. to look at me you would think i am TEH "goth", but i am a hardcore uber geek at heart. pet me.

Who's hotter: Papa smurf. heres why.. papa smurf, can i lick your ass o_O

ANYWAY... if you have any ideas for a 5 minute film i can make let me know.
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*pets* wow.. If that icon r a picture of you your cute.
hey heather. :] hi five for being a nerd. and you should make your movie on popcorn. welcome. and post a lot!
hmmm.... popcorn... *face of contemplation*