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K0nn1ch1 w4 m1nn4-s4n. <3

Hello, everyone! I'm Aimee. And.. Erm.. Well.. A nerd, kyuu~ I always have been, and I always will be! Wh00!

Reason's I'm A Nerd: I'm love anime. I organize my life into three catogories: before anime conventions, anime conventions, and after anime conventions. My computer is my one true love. My room is clean. I shop off I campaign my candidate. I watch the news. I attempt to pair up my male friends. I write HTML in my math notebook. Boysmut ownz me. I speak l33t. I actually sleep at night. I cosplay. I go kickboxing on Sunday mornings. I love to draw. Spanish class makes me happy. I make wallpapers. I pwnz0red all in tech tools class. I still trick-or-treat. I (usually) talk and type obeying all the laws of spelling and grammer, aside l33t and alt. spelling. I have a Star Wars poster in my room, along with a giant life sized figure of Luke Skywaler. I've seen z'Return of the Jedi' over 100 times.

Who's Hotter: Spock. >_>

Nice to meet everyone.
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