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greetings from a fellow nerd

hi. i'm...well...a nerd, as you may have guessed.

1> i love reading, esp fantasy.
2> i love most of my school subjects & am looking forward to the academic side of university.
3> i've done well in most of my school subjects, even some of the ones i don't like.
4> i love nerdy/geeky jokes.
5> my mum buys my clothes most of the times cos i don't have a job. :_-(
6> i take my responsibilities seriously.
7> my friends are all nerds.
8> i like being a nerd.

anyway, here's my lame-ish sort of list. i'd love to gather & share knowledge/interesting facts regarding to pretty much anything at around high school/uni level, especially in areas of science, engineering & technology. i know this sounds a bit corny, but i reckon us nerds need to have a good "support network", so if anyone has any nerdiness-related problems i'll gladly offer a hand. *blush*
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