The manor of Lady Severina Skellington Esq. (severina1987) wrote in n3rds,
The manor of Lady Severina Skellington Esq.

I'm new...

Right, so now I joined this community as well to celebrate the nerd lifestyle... I'm 19, female and I live in Germany.

My nerd list: ^^

1. I'm obsessed with Harry Potter. I read fanfiction about it and I love dicussing theories about what will happen in book 7. I'm also obsessed with Professor Snape.
2. I also love Tim Burton movies. Occasionally, I read fanfiction for them.
3. I also read a lot of other fanfiction.
4. I spent way too much time online (at least 3 hours a day, often more).
5. My favorite site is
6. I have a huge collection of Disney Comics, mostly european (Italian) ones about Micky Mouse or the Duck family.
7. I still sleep with a stuffed animal.
8. My favorite singer is Kate Bush.
9. I was pissed off about the 2004 "Phantom Of The Opera" movie because it was, IMHO, to nice and commercial, although everybody else enjoyed it. I prefer the original book (I'm reading it in French right now).
10. Besides English and German, I also speak French. (I took Advanced French in school and actually ENJOYED it.) I'm also learning Russian.
11. I really enjoyed math class when I was in school (and I was rather good at it, too!)
12. I know a lot of weird, completely useless facts. For example, that the statistical risk of death through being kicked by a donkey is higher than the risk of dieing in the plane crash.
13. I love reading anything and everything- classical literature (I have a huge Kafka poster in my room...), fantasy, poems, non-fiction, magazines...
14. I also enjoy writing. I wanted to be a writer since I was five.
15. I love the Disney cartoon show "Darkwing Duck", and I'm really mad they don't show it on German TV anymore.
16. I think that most people my age are strange, and I am very awkward when I have to communicate with them.
17. I have quite a number of friends, and even a boyfriend, but they're all freaks and proud of it.
18. I consider being called a freak a compliment.
19. I wear glasses (I got my first pair at seven).
20. I think guys in glasses can be really cute.
21. There are days when I don't bother brushing my hair because I'll stay indoors all day anyway.
22. I graduated from school about two months ago and I already miss it (the academics, not the people)- I can't wait for university to start in September.
23. I have Russian artist friends who run an experimental film studio and I LOVE starring in their films.
24. Most important of all: I take pride in being a nerd.
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